Platinum Report: Bloodborne #4

PSN Name: MediaMoo
Platinum Number: 4
Title: Bloodborne
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: FromSoftware
Difficulty: 9/10
Estimated Time: 50-80+ hours

Although I only have 4 platinum trophies (must do better!) Bloodborne is undoubtedly the hardest one I own. To get the coveted platinum ‘all trophies acquired. Hats off’ I put myself through blood, sweat and literal tears. Bloodborne pushed me to my gaming limits and my journey to the platinum trophy took me nearly two years.

The main issue with the Bloodborne platinum is the intense difficulty of the game and the amount of patience required. Once enthralled by the secrets of Yharnam, it’s hard not to seek out the rest of the nightmare and, in turn, a handful of bronze, silver and gold trophies. One playthrough with no added exploration or trophy hunting will gain you around ten trophies out of the possible thirty-four meaning that multiple play throughs and a strong knowledge of hidden items is the key to achieving more. With many trophies easily missed your determination to 100% complete this game needs to be ironclad.

Completion of any boss battle gains you an instant rewarding ping and you can initially rack up your trophy count by eradicating the slurry of foes. After facing particularly testing bosses such as Father Gascoigne and Rom the Vacuous Spider these trophies feel like euphoric celebrations of your hard work and recognition of your achievement in such a testing world. Collecting all of the trophies in Bloodborne at times feels like a chore if you’re not obsessed with the lore and the mysterious nature of the game.

If a player has a more exploratory nature, they may find themselves pinging a trophy just by peering a little deeper into the nooks and crannies of Yharnam or by stumbling on secret locations that are difficult (occasionally impossible) to find without a guide. A handful of these trophies will be hidden in the underground Chalice Dungeons which are completely unmentioned in the main game, meaning that without a guide or the internet it’s unlikely that you will claim these elusive trophies on a blind run through. Some of the hardest moments and enemies of Bloodborne will be encountered down here and the lack of story makes these area’s feel slightly grinding and repetitive. This means that the gold Yharnam, Pthemerian Queen trophy hidden in the deepest part of the Chalice dungeons remains untouched by the majority of players.

Overall, a challenging platinum that will feel exceptionally rewarding for those who claim it, the platinum for Bloodborne allows the player to fully explore a stunning game full of mystery and dark gothic horror. Fans of both the Souls series and those who enjoy being tested by a game should chase this trophy with little or no afterthought for their sanity.

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