Platinum Report: Gravity Rush 2 #127

PSN Name: ijustwantagood1
Platinum Number: 127
Title: Gravity Rush 2
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Developer: @SonyJapanStudio
Difficulty: 4/10
Estimated Time: 36 hours

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This weekend, I finally, platinum’d Gravity Rush 2! Yes, the game that was released way back at the start of the year, and yes, the game where I had major issues with Kat’s camera *see here.

All that aside, it was/still is a wonderful experience and a top drawer game. Graphically it’s right up there for me as one of the system’s stand out titles. The environments are bustling with life and colour, it feels like a living, breathing world. It’s characters, whilst extremely Ghibli-esque, are expressive, solid and believable.

I love the way, without spoilers in this article, the ending ties up both games into a perfect package and that whilst you are left pining for more, there isn’t really much else Sony Japan can add without having to conjure up a completely new narrative. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last we se of Kat, Raven and Syd, which makes me quite sad…

Gravity Rush 2 Platinum Trophy Report

Multiple costumes make a return in Gravity Rush 2.

Anyhow, on to the trophy list. There’s nothing here to write home about, it’s your standard fare. If you have any experience with the first title (Gravity Rush – obviously) you will be right at home with the hurdles set for you as they are pretty much identical. There are the obligatory story based trinkets, although very few compared to the amount of chapters the game offers. There are a few for pulling off Kat’s special moves and taking out a certain number of enemies, then you pop a few more for completing side quests and challenges, again like the first game.

Here’s a bonus – none of them are missable and none of them are difficulty based!

What’s lovely about this, is that you can just enjoy playing through Gravity Rush 2‘s story, without having to keep an eye on your progress. Just sit back and lap up what the game has to offer. Whack it on easy mode too if you want. Although even on harder difficulties the game isn’t a challenge.

However, like with a good Rom-Com, there is always a small hitch (like when character A see’s character B kissing character C, when really character B really loves character A)… The Gem Collector & Power Kat (basically collect 87,000 gems to upgrade Kat’s abilities).

PING! The moment I achieved the Platinum in Gravity Rush 2

PING! The moment I achieved the Platinum in Gravity Rush 2

I do not know why the figure is set so high, however, that amount of gems is ludicrous. Upon getting to the last part of the game I had collected just 35,000, not even half. A long, long slog (5 hours or so), replaying the same part of a single mission, to grind collect that many gems ensued, and it felt like an age. Luckily, I did this before playing the last mission, so then I could go back to enjoying the game’s ending, rather than worrying about the grind post credits.

All in all, this was not a major issue, just one that could have been helped with a slight design tweak in levelling up Kat’s powers.

I thoroughly enjoyed Gravity Rush 2 and really would recommend both it, and the HD remaster of the original to anyone who has yet to try them. They are hidden gems in the PS4’s stellar line up of games, and ones that I am sure I will be drawn to again one day!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Only just released, there was a NieR crossover too <3

Only just released, there was a NieR crossover too <3